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Six Steps to a Beautiful Connecticut Lawn

Let’s face it – it’s not easy to achieve a pristine, vibrant, and healthy lawn here in Connecticut. Unbalanced soil profiles, inconsistent weather patterns, and our long, harsh winters can all take a toll on even the hardiest commercial or residential property. If you love a gorgeous lawn, but don’t love wasting weekend hours trying to revitalize your Connecticut yard, CT Turf Specialists’ six-step lawn care program can help.

Designed to maximize your property’s strength and beauty, our season-long series of six treatments include:

Visit 1: Spring

During our first seasonal visit, CT Turf Specialists will treat your lawn with our custom-blended dry fertilizer with iron to promote deep, dark green color. We’ll follow our fertilizer application with dry crabgrass control and liquid broadleaf control to ensure we minimize the opportunity for weed outbreaks as the season gets underway. Finally, we’ll wrap up Visit 1 with a liquid crabgrass control along the edges of your lawn. This high strength, high concentrate, slow release pre-emergent provides an added layer of protection against the rampant crabgrass found here in Connecticut.

Visit 2: Spring

Visit 2 looks a lot like our first treatment except – no perimeter liquid crabgrass control. We eliminate this spray application to prevent the potential for germination issues if you overseed later in the season.

Visit 3: June/July

The weather is starting to warm up and, here in Connecticut, that means grubs. After we’ve applied our dry fertilizer mix, we’ll treat your property with a surface insect control to help eliminate the bugs as well as any other creepy-crawlies that are making your yard their home.

Visit 4: July/August

CT Turf Specialists’ team of trained technicians applies a slow release fertilizer with iron to extend the color of your lawn and help protect it against drought conditions and stresses.

Visit 5: Early Fall

The season is officially winding down. CT Turf Specialists will fertilize and apply a liquid broadleaf weed control to target any late-season outbreaks.

Visit 6: Mid/Late Fall

We’ll apply one final application of dry fertilizer, spot spray for weeds, and treat your lawn with high strength lime to build up your yard’s root systems and help it fight off various diseases throughout winter.

CT Turf Specialists: Our Full Menu Of Lawn Care Services

At CT Turf Specialists, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop lawn care resource for our residential and commercial Connecticut clients. In addition to our six-step program, we also offer:

  • Lime Application
  • Core Aeration / Overseeding
  • Power Seeding
  • Soil Amendment
  • Broadleaf Control
  • Total Vegetation Control
  • Disease Management

Best of all, working with CT Turf Specialists means you’ll never have to settle for cookie-cutter lawn care services and solutions. We adjust every treatment and application based on external factors such as weather patterns and soil composition for the pinnacle results our clients deserve. Contact us today to learn about our lawn care services or schedule an onsite property assessment!