Our Grass is Greener

Since 2011, CT Turf Specialists has created customized landscape solutions for home and business owners throughout South Central Connecticut. At CT Turf Specialists, we are passionate about transforming struggling lawns into beautiful outdoor green spaces that our customers love spending time in and showing off to the neighbors.

Our team has extensive insight into the wide range of factors that influence the beauty, health, and strength of properties in our region. Highly acidic soil profiles, weather patterns, climate conditions, and drought stresses are just a few of the many components we take into consideration to help our Connecticut customers transform their properties into lush, green, thriving outdoor living spaces. Our client base of over 2,000 (and growing!) customers throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties includes:

• Ansonia • Shelton • Seymour • Oxford • Derby

These are just a few of the many regional towns and cities that entrust CT Turf Specialists with their lawn and turf care needs.

We Customize Our Lawn Care Approach for Best Results on Connecticut Properties

At CT Turf Specialists, we recognize that, here in Connecticut, there really is no such thing as one-size-fits-all (or even most) lawn care. Every client, every yard, and every day here in New England is completely different; it’s our job to develop a perfect fit that drives results at every property we treat and maintain within our service area. The CT Turf Specialists team creates highly customized solutions based on several essential regional factors, such as:

Grass Species

Connecticut lawns are typically made up of cool-season grasses that have their own unique care and maintenance needs. We custom blend our dry fertilizer to suit whatever grass species you may have in your home or business yard, including:

• Bluegrass • Ryegrass • Fescue

Lawn Diseases

CT Turf Specialists is so passionate about fighting regional lawn diseases that we offer our clients access to a comprehensive disease management program. We use a 100% liquid, curative, and preventative product that helps reverse damage caused by a multitude of common lawn diseases, such as:

• Dollar spot • Brown patch • Summer patch • Red thread

Our highly trained and skilled technicians carefully treat your yard three times a year to help restore its overall health profile, as well as to revitalize its look and feel for long-term, sustainable results.