Insect management

Full-Scale Insect Management Services

Here in Connecticut, the spring and summer months bring the gorgeous seasonal weather that transforms our yards into outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, the higher temperatures also bring with it swarms of indigenous insects. Regional bugs, pests, and parasites can do more than just destroy our lawns; they can also pose a significant health risk to our family and pets.

At CT Turf Specialists, we don’t just want to beautify your property – we also make it a mission to help you enjoy your property. Our robust insect management services play a vital role in helping us do precisely that. CT Turf Specialists’ offers home and business owners throughout Connecticut access to a wide range of insect control and management services including:

Tick Control

Tick-borne diseases are rampant in our beautiful state, particular Lyme disease. Connecticut is one of 14 U.S. states that account for 95 percent of all Lyme disease cases, making them a significant, debilitating, and lifelong health concern to locals here. We can help. CT Turf Specialists uses a 100% liquid tick control product for optimal impact. Our skilled and trained technicians target these parasites where they nest and breed, focusing on wood lines, stone walls, fences, tall grasses, and flowerbeds. CT Turf Specialists will treat your property around the perimeter three times a year to reduce the tick population and protect your family and pets.

Mosquito Control

Unfortunately, ticks aren’t the only parasites threatening our health here in Connecticut. Mosquitoes also swarm the region during the warmer seasonal months, ruining our outdoor events and increasing the risk of transmitting serious illnesses, such as Zika and malaria, to our loved ones. CT Turf Specialists’ mosquito control services are similar to our tick strategies. We use a liquid product for best possible results, paying close attention to the vegetation around the perimeter of your property, as well as using a larvicide to treat standing water. Have a special outdoor occasion coming up? We also offer single treatment spraying services 24-48 hours before your event to help keep these bugs at bay.

Grub Control

Fortunately, grubs pose no health risk to our families; however, when left untreated, these baby beetles can absolutely decimate even the healthiest lawns. These tiny bugs have giant-sized appetites, devouring the root systems of your yard until they can no longer support healthy new growth. Worse yet, these bugs can attract a wide range of other unwanted pests and small animals that come to feast on the grubs that are feasting on your lawn! CT Turf Specialists puts an end to this vicious cycle. We use a curative approach to eliminate grubs at all growth stages and protect your property from becoming their next meal.

Don’t Let Insects Ruin Enjoying Your Yard To The Fullest

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