We Revitalize Shelton, CT Properties

Shelton, CT has earned its reputation as a New England city that truly promotes outdoor living at its very finest. This bustling Connecticut hub touts an extensive park system (over 2,000 acres in total) that caters to both locals as well as the surrounding communities. Outdoor enthusiasts from around the region come to Shelton to enjoy several parks and green spaces, including:

Indian Well State Park

Named after the picturesque Indian Well waterfall and brook found here, this small, but beautiful green space delivers ample scenery and Connecticut charm. Pack a picnic for an al fresco meal at the water’s edge. Bring your swimsuit to cool off in the designated swimming area. Or, simply open a book for a tranquil outdoor reading session. No matter how you chose to spend your time at Indian Well State Park, it’s sure to be memorable.

Shelton Lakes Recreation Path

This popular hotspot epitomizes the modern multi-use path. Here guests can walk, run, and bike their way through some of the most beautiful scenery in Shelton. At 8-12 feet wide and just over four miles long, this recreation path has a crushed stone surface and is also designed for wheelchairs and baby strollers as well.

Hope Lake

Also known as Nell’s Rock Reservoir, Hope Lake is the city’s favorite fishing spot. Well stocked with trout every spring, this lake also boasts a large population of largemouth bass and sunfish. Not really into angling? Not a problem. Visitors come here simply to relax lakeside and drink in some of the area’s most vibrant scenery.

CT Turf Specialists: Gorgeous Green Spaces You Will Love Showing Off to the Neighbors

At CT Turf Specialists, we develop robust and thriving Shelton landscapes that rival any of the local public green spaces. No matter how damaged or diseased your Shelton lawn may be, we can help. Our process begins with an onsite yard evaluation to determine your property’s soil composition, disease profile, and overall pH balance. We merge your lawn’s unique needs with our unparalleled regional insight to develop a customized approach that delivers long-term, sustainable results.

CT Turf Specialists’ extensive lawn care services, strategies, and solutions include:

  • Full-Scale Lawn Care
  • Lime Application
  • Disease Management
  • Weed Control
  • Power Seeding
  • Overseeding
  • Core Aeration
  • Soil Restoration

Best of all, CT Turf Specialists customizes every treatment and application to ensure you receive the right fit for your home or business property. We even offer our Shelton customers access to a comprehensive insect control program as well. Here in Connecticut, the seasonal bugs are more than just a nuisance – they can actually pose a serious health risk. Our mosquito, tick, and grub insecticides eliminate more than 60 species of insects to help protect your lawn and loved ones.

Ready to Show the Neighbors Your Grass is Greener?

Let us help. Contact CT Turf Specialists for a no-risk project consultation and cost estimate. Or, connect with us online to get on treatment schedule today.